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This is a place for all Siberian cat lovers and fans. We hope you can find all the information you need about this breed on our website. To start with, there is a big overview article about Siberian cats below. Also, check out some of our most popular articles here:

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General Siberian Cat Articles

Archive of our general articles about Siberian cats. Here you will find a large overview of the Siberian cat breed, their history, their temperament, what living with Siberian cats is like and many other interesting posts. 

Siberian Cat Health

Articles dedicated to the Siberian cat health. Here you will find posts about genetic and inborn conditions common for Siberian cats, signs and symptoms of various diseases, dental health, mental and emotional health of your Siberian, tips and advice on how to maintain your Siberian cat’s health and well-being. 

Siberian Cat Food

Articles dedicated to your Siberian cat’s proper nutrition. What should you feed your Siberian cat? What diets have proven to be the best for their health and well-being? Learn this and more in this section. 

Siberian Kitten

Archive dedicated to the Siberian kitten: how to choose the right kitten, what to expect when you bring them home, how to take care of them.  

Siberian Cat Breeders

How do you find a reputable breeder that cares about good breeding standards and practices, and the health of their kittens? This is an archive of all articles about Siberian cat breeders and lists of breeders in various parts of the world. 

Featured Siberian Cats

What is a better way to find out what life with Siberian cats is like than to chat with Siberian cat owners? In this section I collected interviews with Siberian cat owners about their wonderful kitties, their adventures, food preferences, photos and more. 






Siberian cat personality

Siberian cat personality

Contents Siberian Cat Personality. The King of the Forest Siberians are great companions Dog-like personality of Siberian cats Siberians are highly intelligent cats Siberian cats are great with kids Siberians…

Siberian cat – a complete guide to the breed

Siberian cat – a complete guide to the breed

Contents Siberian Cat – Breed Overview Siberian Cat Breed Description Siberian Cat Coat Siberian Cat Grooming Siberian Cat and Allergy Siberian Cat Immunity and Health Where To Buy A Siberian…

Miloš the Siberian cat from Canada

Miloš the Siberian cat from Canada

Today we are interviewing Miloš the Siberian kitty from Ontario, Canada and his Human Mom Lisa. Follow Miloš’ adventures at @miloshthesiberian ! What is your name? My name is Lisa…