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10 Signs your Siberian cat loves you

10 Signs your Siberian cat loves you

Don’t you sometimes wish your Siberian cat could speak? Then you’d be able to nicely ask them not to pounce on your bed at five am and explain to them why exactly sitting on the counters is forbidden. They’d tell you all they think about you trimming their claws and where exactly they prefer to be scratched and patted.

They’d also be able to tell you just how much they love you! But wait. Maybe they can tell you that! Because, if you know cats well, you know that they do actually speak, just not with words.

They speak through their body language and behaviour. If you watch your Siberian cat long enough, you will start to notice those little messages in the tone of its meow, in the bend of the back, in the warm head-butt and purring. You just need to know where to look.

Here are 10 signs that your Siberian cat really, really loves you.

1 They purr as if they have a little engine inside them.

Cats purr for lots of different reasons, but when you see your cat purring this deep, relaxed purr that seems to send little shakes throughout their body, that’s the purr of love. Usually happens when you let them in your bed or are just about to feed them their favorite treats.

2 Your Siberian cat wants to be with you all the time

Cats are fairly independent animals. Siberian cats are less independent than other breeds, but they still like their space, just like any other cat. However, when your cat starts to really trust you, they will want you in their space at all times.

They will achieve this by following you everywhere you go, including your bathroom or bedroom, and will try to stay as close to you as possible. They will get in your bed, in your soul and would get under your very skin (if they could.) That’s just love.

3 Your cat squints when they look at you

Cats only squint at another being of they want to express trust. Squinting or closing your eyes is generally not safe in a cat’s world – if you don’t see what’s in front of you, you may be attacked. If you see your cat squinting in front of you, that means they are displaying utmost trust and loyalty to you. Not only are they not afraid to close their eyes in front of you, they deliberately want to show you they trust you and that you should trust them.

4 Your cat loves your belongings, particularly your clothes

Do you often see your Siberian sleeping on your clothes or trying to get in your wardrobe/dresses or even your laundry bin (little weirdo)? That’s because they love you. Your clothes have your smell and your cat associates that smell with all the good things that come from you – love, safety, affection, warmth. So next time your cat chooses to sleep (and shed) all over your new sweater, don’t get mad 🙂 They just can’t help it.

Sepp the Siberian cat

5 Your Siberian cat brings you “gifts”

Does your Siberian creep you out by bringing you little hunting trophys like dead insects or rodents or even birds? How sweet, isn’t it? All cats do this, and Siberian cats even more so because they are naturally good hunters.

It looks gross, but it’s the sign of the purest love there is. Your Siberian thinks you are a member of his or her pride and they want to take care of you. You feed them, so they want to return the favor. That’s what mama cat does for her kittens too. No matter how you look at it, it’s an expression of love and tender care from your little furry psychopath. Just accept it humbly and don’t forget to get rid of the “present” later. But don’t let your cat see that!

6 Your cat grooms you

Does your Siberian like to lick your face and hands? Maybe even your hair? That’s so cute! (Especially after they’ve just been licking their butt). Grooming behaviour is reserved for the close members of the family, and your cat obviously sees you as such. Be honoured, human! The good thing is you don’t have to lick your cat in return. Maybe just pet them a little.

7 Your Siberian cat gets jealous

Just like your ex boyfriend. If your cat constantly hops up on your desk and stands between you and your computer, or tries to get between you and your partner, or even hisses at guests, that might be because they get jealous if you are not paying them attention.

(Although hissing at guests could be a behavioural issue and shouldn’t be encouraged.) Cats are just like people and can be quite possessive of their favourite humans. After all, you belong to them, don’t you?

8 Your cat lets you touch their belly

Not only that, but they actually stretch out in front of you with their belly up? That’s a huge sign of trust on behalf of your cat. Cats (or any other wild animals) never expose their belly, as it can be a very easy target for an attacker.

A cat can get seriously hurt if their tummy or inner organs get wounded. When your cat exposes their belly to you, it shows that they trust you completely, so much that they don’t even follow their natural instincts. That just proves that love can be stronger than nature.

9 Kneading

Kneading is something that kittens do with their mom as they feed on her milk. It is supposed to stimulate milk and is a part of a bonding experience between female cat and her kittens.

When your cat kneads in your presence, it means they feel safe and comfortable, just like they did when they were a kitten in presence of their mom. Their claws might be sharp on your skin but remember it’s a bonding thing and an expression of love for your Siberian 🙂

10 Biting

A Siberian cat can easily rip a large piece of meat with its teeth. Cats also slightly bite each other when they feel playful or want to express love and loyalty. That biting is never painful and is like a friendly pat on the shoulder. It’s not something cats do often, but a special sign of closeness and love. So if your Siberian slightly bites your fingers or ankles, it’s not them being naughty, but their natural way of expressing their love and tenderness to you. Because you know, if they wanted to bite for real, it would feel very different 0_0


Shaking of your Siberian kitty’s tail

Unlike dogs, cats don’t normally wag their tails, and when they do, it’s usually a sign of deep displeasure. However, slight shaking of the tail is usually a sign of happy excitement in a cat. You can especially quite often see it in kittens, but older cats do it too.

If you see your cat running towards you with the tip of their tail shaking, it means they are very excited and happy to see you! It’s in fact exactly like dog tail wagging, except maybe a bit more gracious. (Sorry, dog lovers 🙂

Those are just a few tell-tale signs of your kitty’s unending love for you! You and your cat probably have a bunch of your own things, signals and signs that express love and loyalty. If you do, share them in the comments area!

Now go love your kitty!


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