Arthas the Siberian cat from Finland!

Today we have gorgeous Arthas the Siberian cat on our blog. Arthas lives in Finland with his humans Veera and Toni. His instagram account is at @arthas_the_siberiancat . Thank you Arthas, Toni and Veera, we are so excited to feature you on our site!

What is the name of your Siberian kitty? Why did you pick that particular name?

Our kitten is called Arthas. He is named after a character from World of Warcraft series. (Arthas’ human dad is a bit nerdy!)

How old is your kitty?

He is 6 months old.

What country and city are you from?

We live in Espoo, Finland.

How did you decide to have a Siberian cat and why?

We both love cats, but one of us is allergic to them. We decided to go visit a Siberian cat breeder when we found out that Siberian cats may not cause allergic reactions to every person allergic to cats. Everything went well and when saw how social, beautiful and kind Siberians were, we were 100% sure we want to have our Siberian!

Arthas the Siberian

What are your cat’s favorite toys or games?

Arthas likes the cheapest toys. He loves to fetch hair bobbles and cardboard pieces that are cut out from toilet paper rolls. He often hides them under a blanket and then digs them out himself. He also likes to play with any kind of paper pieces and his raccoon scratching toy.

What does your Siberian love doing most?

Spending time with us. He either sleeps on our laps or next to us or just follows us around the house and takes part in everything we do. When he is feeling playful, he often brings those hair bobbles near us so we can throw them for him to fetch.

Arthas the Siberian kitty on the porch

What is your kitty’s favorite food? Any recommendations on food for
other Siberian cat owners?

Arthas really loves salmon! He goes all crazy if he can smell us cooking it. He is not a very picky eater and we feed him good quality foods that are high in protein and have no grains or sugars. He eats both wet and dry cat food.

Is there a funny story you could tell us about your Siberian?

When Arthas was still a very small kitten and had lived just a few days with us my sister and her husband came to visit. We thought Arthas would be shy and hiding like he had had been with us the first days.

When our guests arrived he bounced under the sofa as we expected but after a few minutes he came out from his hiding place, jumped on the coffee table and laid himself on my sister’s dinner plate, right in front of her like they had known each other for ages.

What are the good sides of having a Siberian cat?

Ahh, where to start… It is surprising how similar Arthas is to those descriptions we read about the Siberian cats. In our experience, it is completely true that Siberians are super affectionate and playful and get along with both people and other animals. He lets himself be carried and hugged. Arthas is very social and likes to be with us all the time, but doesn’t demand attention 24/7.

What do you love most about your Siberian?

We love how Arthas is so active and playful but still very patient and loving cat. He really shows affection towards us and doesn’t get mad when we wash him or cut his nails etc..

What are some downsides to having a Siberian cat?

Siberian cats are very active and need lots of activities. It is also a plus side of the breed, but if you don’t spend much time at home I recommend considering some other breed (especially if you don’t have other pets).

It usually shows if we have been away from home too long since Arthas stars to run around the house and attack our feet if we don’t start playing with him immediately. We have also thought of maybe getting another kitty someday…

Does your kitty shed much and how do you deal with it?

He doesn’t shed much but I guess it is just because he hasn’t grown adult cats’ fur yet. We have tried to get him used to shower and brushing. Let’s hope that will help us with shedding problems in the future!

Do you travel with your cat? What do you do when you need to go on
vacation? (Pet sitter? Cat hotel? 🙂

We haven’t traveled with him yet. Arthas’ aunt has promised to take care of him when we humans go on a vacation.

Siberian cat Arthas sleeping

Would you recommend other people to have a Siberian cat, why or why not?

Absolutely! Siberians have all the best characteristics in one cat: they are wild but friendly and they look majestic but don’t need much grooming. If you want an intelligent and affectionate friend Siberian is the breed for you!

As said before, I wouldn’t recommend a Siberian to a person who isn’t able to spend much time and play with his cat. But I guess it’s the same thing with any cat.

To learn more about Arthas, follow him on his Instagram account@arthas_the_siberiancat 😉

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