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Brianna, also known as Briebrie the Siberian Princess

Brianna, also known as Briebrie the Siberian Princess

Today on our blog we have interviewed Brianna ( @Brie_brie17 on instagram!) and her human Mom Natalie. Brianna and Natalie live in the United Kingdom. Thank you Brianna and Natalie, we are so excited to feature you on our site!

1. What is the name of your Siberian kitty? Why did you choose that name?

Her name is Brianna but we call her Brie or Briebrie plus numerous other cute names such as Princess and fluffy baby at different times. She is such a gorgeous cat that she needed a grand name such as Brianna.

2. How old is your kitty?

She is 8 months old

3. What country and city are you from?

We live in Ascot in the UK

4. How did you decide to have a Siberian cat and why?

I just love the breed as they are such amazing cats, not only to look at but their personalities are equally amazing.

5. What is your kitty’s favorite food? Any recommendations on food for
other Siberian cat owners?

Brianna loves wet and dry food. She has Royal Canin dry food and wet food but she also likes Wainwright’s wet food. She never seems to suffer from an upset stomach and her coat is so soft – she just seems very healthy with this diet and a bonus she loves dry food as this is great for her teeth.

6. What are your cat’s favorite toys or games?

Ha well, she can turn anything into a game- her favorite thing at the moment is a part of an old box that I was going to throw away she adores it- she scratches on it, flips it over and sleeps on it- best things are free right?! She also loves her little scratch post house and anything that you can roll up and throw.

7. What does your cat love doing most?

Brianna loves to have cuddles, she is honestly the sweetest little girl- I wake up early each morning to have a cuddle with her. She loves to play hide and seek and we chase each other around the house.

8. Is there a funny story you could tell us about your Siberian?

I think the funniest thing about Brie is that she thinks she’s human- she has full on conversations with me, in her native language of course ?

9. What do you love most about your Siberian?

I love everything about her – it’s her loving nature that has stolen my heart, she’s just such a loving funny cat.

10. What are the good sides of having a Siberian cat?

I would have to say the companionship – very loyal and loving.

11. What are some downsides to having a Siberian cat?

So far I haven’t seen any. I would only say I feel sorry for her in the heat because of her coat but I try to make her as comfortable as I can.

12. Does your kitty shed much and how do you deal with it?

She luckily doesn’t. She’s very fluffy in certain areas such as her beard/neck and tail but the rest of her isn’t as fluffy so we don’t find too much fluff around the house.

13. Do you travel with your cat? What do you do when you need to go on
vacation? (Pet sitter? Cat hotel? 🙂

So far, Brianna has only travelled to the vet which is a short distance but she will be staying with my parents when we go on vacation soon so that will be the test. I’m lucky my parents are retired so they will be able to take good care of her.

13. Would you recommend other people to have a Siberian cat, why or why

Definitely. As long as you want more of a house cat as I only let her out on her harness – they are not the type of cats that you would just let out on their own so you need to have time for them compared to other cats that come and go when they please. They give you so much joy, laughter, and love. Go and get a Siberian – they are the best!


To learn more about Brianna, follow her on her Instagram account@Brie_brie17  😉

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