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How to choose a Siberian kitten that’s right for you

How to choose a Siberian kitten that’s right for you

You have decided to bring a little Siberian kitten home. Congratulations! That’s certainly a decision that will change you home dynamics and bring you lots of love and affection. Maybe you have already contacted the breeder and are now going to go pay a visit and pick your kitten.

With many Siberian breeders, it’s “first come, first serve” kind of thing when it comes to reserving kittens. If you were fairly high on the breeder’s list, you may have the whole litter to choose from.

But how do you pick that one special Siberian kitten that will be just right for you? It’s definitely not an easy task. You may have a certain color in mind, or a certain gender, in which case your task becomes somewhat simpler. But even then, it will be not easy to make a choice.

You may get several Siberian kittens of the same color in a litter, or of the same gender that you are looking for. All of the kittens will be adorable. All of them will be purebred cats without health issues (hopefully!)

So how do you make that decision? Here are a few bits of advice.

One advice I keep hearing from breeders is this: Don’t pick a kitten. Let a kitten pick you! What does that mean?

When you come to the breeder’s house to visit the kittens (if you have that opportunity!) simply sit around the kittens and play with them. See which one comes up to you and wants to be on your lap or in your hands. See which one seems most interested in you. Kittens vary greatly in their personalities.

Some are going to be more social than others. Some could be shy. That will certainly affect their behaviour towards you, but most importantly, what can happen is that you will actually fall in love with that one kitten regardless of their gender or color. That happens quite often! You could come for a black boy but will leave with a white girl and be totally happy.

If you don’t want to let destiny decide and would like to make a decision yourself, here are a few points you might want to consider.

Siberian cats have a very distinct temperament which includes their calm disposition, friendliness, independence but also huge affection towards people. Those are all great traits creating a wonderful overall character common to all Siberian cats. Good breeders always breed with temperament in mind, so if you are purchasing your kitten from a reputable breeder, you can be sure your Siberian kitten will have a solid temperament.

However, even within these common traits, kittens will differ from one another. Some might be more sensitive to noise or light and be shyer in presence of people. Some might be more brave and social.

Think of what kind of kitten you would like to have in your home. Do you want a playmate that will always be up for some loud fun and games? Someone who will follow your every step and demand to be in your hands or on your lap all the time? Or would you prefer a more reserved personality, a kitten that would keep a bit of distance and be as content on its own as they are with you?

In the same vein, think of the kitten’s needs and how well you’ll be able to meet them. If your house is full of people and children, is always noisy and there’s always some commotion going on, you might want a brave outgoing Siberian kitten, while a shy quiet one may find your house to be a bit too much for their sensitive system.

If your house is quiet and you like it that way, maybe the shy, reserved kitten is your best match! Really think about how your temperament and the atmosphere in your home will match the kitten’s character. Don’t pick a kitten by color!

A good idea also is to ask the breeder some questions about the kittens, or a particular kitten. Are they shy or outgoing? Are they afraid of other pets? How do they get along with children? A good Siberian cat breeder will always be very interested in finding the absolute best home for each of their kittens, and will happily tell you what each of the kittens prefers and whether they would be a good fit for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – be afraid if the breeder doesn’t want to answer them. If they don’t, or if they seem like they are withholding information, that’s not a very good sign, and you might want to reconsider going with this breeder or choosing someone else.

Another good consideration is a kitten’s gender. You may have a general idea that you only want a female Siberian kitten or only male. But do you actually know what difference gender makes when it comes to cats? Well, there can be quite a big difference!

Female Siberian cats

Female Siberian cats (just like females of other breeds, really) tend to be more independent, more self-directed, rebellious and even a little bossy. A female cat will always have her own agenda and will follow it to the T. She will always have things to do and they won’t necessarily include you. Female cats really do seem to be always very mindful of their own ideas about how things should be.

A female cat may be also more stubborn and not budge as easily when you ask her to do certain things. Female cats don’t do tricks as well as male cats – not because they don’t know how. They do, and sometimes even better than boys. It’s just that they don’t always want to. In general, females are all about pleasing themselves first, and maybe you – next. Or never.

Siberian females are also more territorial (go figure) and may be less inclined to be friendly with other pets.

It can really be explained by a biological function of a female cat. They have a very important task – to carry, give birth to and raise kittens. This naturally leads them to be wired differently than male cats, making them more “egoistic”, and self-driven.

Of course, those things are a generalisation, and none of those things are bad or negative. I’ve known plenty of the most wonderful, and quite affectionate, female cats and owners that are completely in love with them. So, if your heart is set on a  girl, go ahead and you most likely will not regret it. Just keep in mind these possible character traits common for female cats.

Male cats

Male Siberian cats tend to be more open, more easy-going, relaxed, affectionate and generally more interested in their owner than their female counterparts would be. If you have a male cat, they will always be up for anything you come up with. They will find your company more exciting than their own and will happily stop whatever they were doing to instead play and hang out with you.

If you want a cat that will be glued to you and always up for anything, a male cat is your best bet. Male cats also seem to be more friendly with other pets.

Again, all of these are just generalisations. You may have a very independent and shy male cat or a very affectionate female cat that won’t leave your side. So take this with a grain of salt.

One other important thing to do when picking a Siberian kitten is to pay attention to their looks and behavior. Do they look healthy? Are they lively and enthusiastic? Watch the kitten move, are they limping, or seem very weak? Inspect the kitten’s eyes and ears.

If there is discharge, they may be sick. Look at their coat. Is it smooth and shiny? If it looks matted, the kitten might have some underlying condition as well.

Obviously, every kitten needs a home, but you may really want to ask your breeder about the kitten’s health. If there is anything wrong, a good Siberian cat breeder will always make sure you know it so that you can keep it in mind as you raise the kitten if you decide to take them. Some conditions you may be able to handle with ease. Some others you might want to avoid.

Generally, a breeder should provide you with a completely healthy kitten as maintaining the kitten’s health is their job. Sometimes, if a kitten got some sort of a temporary condition, a breeder will suggest holding off with taking a kitten home so that they can help the kitten get better and make sure the kitten is completely alright.

Finally, whichever Siberian kitten you pick up, just know that they will become your best friend and your love very quickly! You’ll become used to color, gender and personal quirks of your kitten very soon after you bring your kitten home, and you’ll realise you just love them for who they are.

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