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Meeko and Sassie, the Siberian brother and sister!

Meeko and Sassie siberian cats

Our featured Siberians of the day are Meeko and Sassie, nine-months-old brother and sister living in Windsor, England, with their Human Mom Charlotte and the family! Their Instagram account is @meekoandsassie. Follow them 😉 Thank you, Meeko, Sassie and Charlotte, great to have you on the site!

What are the names of your kitties? Why those name?

The ginger boy is called Meeko, after the raccoon in Disney’s Pocahontas. He is cheeky, naughty and full of energy like Meeko!

The tabby girl is called Sassie, after the cat in Disney’s homeward bound as she is caring, the brave one and very beautiful like Sassie.

How old are Meeko and Sassie?

They are both 9 months old, brother and sister. They will be one in August.

Where are you guys located?

We are from England, Windsor.

What prompted your decision to have Siberian cats and why?

I was researching about different cat breeds and which would suit my lifestyle. I was attracted to Siberians as they are playful, intelligent and very loyal. They also enjoy sitting with you, which I really enjoy in the evenings. I also found out from the research they were very adaptable which suited me.

Some of my family members have cat allergies, so they would still be able to visit me, which was a good point. And I was in love with their look and how fluffy they are!

What is their favorite food? Any recommendations on food for
other Siberian cat owners?

They love Applaws food, especially the treat tins. The chicken and duck and the tuna and prawn are their favorites. I found out what the breeder was feeding them and feed them the same dry food that they fed them and give them wet treat tins 4 times a week.

I would find out what the breeder fed them and start on that, then try other brands if you want. The treats are worth seeing their happy faces for.

What do your kitties love to play with?

Their favorites are little white mice that rattle. They carry them around in their mouths and drop them at our feet and we often find them outside as they have taken them outside to play with. Their favorite game is stealing hair bands, including out of my hair! They also love just running in and out the cat flap.

What do you think your Siberians love doing most?

Cuddling! They are the cuddliest cats I have ever met. Meeko will sit on your shoulder whilst on the sofa, cuddle up and purr. Sassie sits on shoulders as you walk around to cuddle up.

What would be the funniest story you could tell us about your Siberians?

Meeko has made friends with all the neighbours who all adore him. The first month after we started letting them out neighbours had to keep returning him to us. Either because he became stuck as he is the clumsiest cat and can’t climb fences properly.

Or one night when it was raining because he sat outside a neighbours house made them feel bad for him, they let him in as they felt bad for him and he stole a chicken breast off their dinner plate!!! He was quickly returned to me!

I was very embarrassed. But you can’t stay mad at them! Sassie keeps bringing in other people’s belongings such as tennis balls, we have no idea who they belong to. She has her own collection of toys.

What do you think you appreciate most about your Siberians?

They are so loving, caring and loyal. If you are sick or upset they won’t leave your side. They are always looking out for you.

What are the good sides of having a Siberian cat? (Or two!)

They are so friendly. They are sociable with any guests we have round the house. They are really adaptable and calm cats. They are also happy to be left alone for the day if you are out but are always so excited to see you when you return. They always run to greet us at the door.

They help you with all tasks around the house and keep us company. They are always very well behaved and quick learners. They are constantly making us laugh.

What are some downsides to having a Siberian cat? (Or two! 🙂 

They haven’t shed all winter, however, the start of spring they have shed a lot. It lasted about a month but did get everywhere. However, they barely shed in the winter.

Do your cats shed much as Siberians sometimes do and how do you deal with it?

As above. Not really but they shed massive amounts for a month and then barely at all all in winter. For the month they shed we just hoover regularly and move from grooming weekly to grooming daily.

Do you travel with your cats? What do you do when you need to go on
vacation? (Pet sitter? Cat hotel? 🙂

When I go away they either live with my sister or parents. They have made friends with my parents’ cats and love going to visit. Sometimes we go and visit for the day! I wouldn’t like to leave them alone too much as they do like company.

They are very adaptable and adapt to new surroundings quickly and seem very comfortable traveling from house to house. They know when we are going home and go and sit in their cage ready to get in the car. They travel very well.

Would you recommend other people to have a Siberian cat, why or why not?

YES! They are the most beautiful, wonderful, funny and lovable cats I have ever met or had. They are so special and I love how chunky and cuddly they are. They are so loyal. But they are bigger than average cats, so make sure you have space for them!

To learn more about Meeko and Sassie, follow them on their Instagram account@meekoandsassie.

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