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Oliver the Siberian cat from Australia

Oliver the Siberian cat from Australia

We are SO excited because we have our first ever kitty from Australia today!!!  Meet Oliver who lives in Perth with his Human mom Janet! Siberians are literally everywhere 🙂 Follow this cutie on his Instagram account at @oliver_siberian

What is the name of your kitty? Why did you choose that name?

My first cat, Oscar, was the love of my life for 19 years. I knew that if I ever got another cat, he must have a name starting with the letter ‘O’ as a tribute to Oscar. So, Oliver was the choice for my new Siberian kitten.

How old is Oliver?

Oliver was born 20 March 2017, making him over a year old now.

What country and city are you from?

I live in Perth, Australia. Oliver came from Australia’s very first Siberian cattery, Miakoschka Siberians in Queensland when he was 3 months old. Therefore, he had to fly across Australia to meet me.

I am very proud to have a cat from this lovely breeder.


How did you decide to have a Siberian cat and why?

I love big, furry, cuddly cats, so I started researching different breeds that fit that description; Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest and Siberian Forest. I finally decided on a Siberian Forest after much reading about their history, physical description, medical background and temperament.

Physically, they are simply gorgeous, with beautiful rounded features, soulful eyes, big paws and roly-poly bellies. Medically, they seem to be a very strong breed. I liked reading how they speak in soft chirps, trills and chirrups, and many people report they are dog-like, which intrigued me having never owned a dog.

My partner is a dog lover, so this was a handy selling point!

What is Oliver’s favorite food? Any recommendations on food for other Siberian cat owners?

Oliver eats a LOT and always seems to be eager for a meal. He is now a big cat (over 6 kilograms) and exerts a lot of energy running about which makes him a hungry boy. His favourite food is chicken and he adores eating cooked chicken tenders for his dinner.

For breakfast he likes Royal Canin Instinctive pouches in jelly. In the winter time, I even warm up his food which delights him. Oliver also has chicken and tuna Canidae dry food as a treat. All his food is grain-free.

What are Oliver’s favorite toys or games?

Oliver has a toy box which he will go to and pull out toys for me to play with him. He is forever bringing his toys into the bedroom at ridiculous hours of the morning as gifts.

He likes it when I shake his feather wand to make it sound like bird wings with which he twists, jumps and flips to catch.

Oliver enjoys the laser pointer so much, that he will start searching the floor to catch it when he hears the sound of it being picked up. He is also fantastic at playing hide and seek around the house.

What does Oliver love doing most?

More than anything, Oliver really loves to be with his people. He will follow me around the house all day long, from room to room, holding conversations in chirps and trills.

He has extra-large cat scratchers made by D&C Lifestyle in major rooms, so he can sit or snooze on those while being close to us.

Is there a funny story you could tell us about your Siberian?

The first time Oliver went outside while the sprinklers were on, he was amazed by the water! The water dropping onto and beading off his coat did not bother him at all.

In fact, he ran through the sprinklers like a happy child on a summer’s day. Information about Siberian cats that enjoy playing in water is certainly true for Oliver.

Oliver is also a fantastic fly catcher! Australian summers are notorious for the number of flies we have.

Oliver could be fast asleep, but if he hears the buzz of a fly, he is alert, running, jumping, chasing and yes, eventually eating his catch.

What do you love most about your Siberian?
There are a million things I love about Oliver, but particularly he has the most beautiful temperament. I have never heard him hiss or growl, nor have I ever been bitten (other than love bites of course!) or scratched.

He is an extremely happy-go-lucky guy who just wants to hang with his people. He misses us dearly when we go out and will loyally wait at the door whenever he hears the garage door go up, greeting us with rolls, purrs and kisses.

What are the good sides of having a Siberian cat?
There are many incredible things about owning a cat in general, but in my experience, owning a Siberian takes it to a whole new level. Oliver is such a warm, loving, caring cat. As soon as he hears me wake up in the morning he greets me with a chirrup and gives me cuddles.

Oliver is very clever and always seems to be learning how to do new things. He has learned how to walk on a lead to go outside to watch birds. He knows how to play fetch with us using hair ties or crumpled up paper. Oliver is such wonderful company and provides us with endless happiness.

What are some downsides to having a Siberian cat?
Over the course of his first year, Oliver had many problems with a sensitive tummy. Any slight change to his food would result in a very upset and messy belly.

He has had to endure many baths. He has had ongoing problems with gingivitis, which can be painful for his little mouth. Also, being such a sociable cat, he can become stressed if we are out for long periods of time.

Does your kitty shed much and how do you deal with it?
Oliver definitely does shed so he gets a full-body brush every day. He loves it and just saying the word ‘BRUSH!’ will have him running to us, which is great because it is such a necessity.

We own a Dyson Pet cordless vacuum which we use to suck up any wayward ginger tumbleweeds that roll around the house.

Do you travel with Oliver? What do you do when you need to go on vacation? (Pet sitter? Cat hotel? 🙂
Other than regular pet visits, we have not travelled with Oliver. I honestly can’t bare the thought of being away from him!

If we do plan to take a holiday, I thankfully have an amazing cat-loving nephew who has volunteered to house/cat sit while we are away.

Would you recommend other people to have a Siberian cat, why or why not?
YES! If someone is unsure about getting a cat, I would totally recommend Siberian. They are kind, loving, gentle cats who enjoy spending time with their owners. They are brave and curious with a real sense of adventure. Siberians are also intelligent and love to solve puzzles, learn new tricks and play lots of games.


Follow Oliver on his Instagram account at @oliver_siberian 🙂

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