Valentino the Siberian kitten from Wales, UK

 Today we are happy to feature Valentino, a 3-months old Siberian kitten who lives in Wales, UK! Check out his Instagram at @valentino_the_siberian_cat ! Welcome to the site, sweet Valentino!

What is the name of your Siberian kitty? Why did you pick that name?

His name is Valentino, Italian for Valentine as he was born on Valentine’s Day. That’s the story behind his name.

How old is Valentino?

Valentino is 12 weeks old.

Siberian kitten

Where are you located?

We live in Wales, UK

What inspired your decision to get a Siberian cat and why?

I have children with allergies and it had been 21 years since I had a cat, a Persian, which I desperately wanted again. So over a year ago, I started to search for hypoallergenic cats and the Siberian was one of the breeds. Once I started to read about them I knew they were going to be the right breed for my family. I wanted a family cat that was good with children of different age, social and lovable.

Kitten Valentino

What about Valentino’s diet? What would you say is his favorite food? Do you have any recommendations on food for
other Siberian cat owners?

Valentino is on Lilly’s Kitchen grain free dry food for now. He was weaned on dry food only so I am working on moving him on wet grain free food. I also looked into raw food, but with small children that isn’t an option.

What does Valentino like to play with? 

Plastic springs! Honestly, he has a box full of toys and that’s by far his favorite.

What does your Siberian love doing most?

Cuddle up and sleep.

We all love our pets so much. What do you enjoy most about having your Siberian kitty?

How loyal he is. He is like a dog, just don’t tell him I said that!

Can you talk about some of the good sides of having a Siberian cat?

Valentino has fitted into a very busy household with 5 children without any problems, I couldn’t have wished for a sweeter kitten.

Siberian cat Valentino

Are there any downsides to having a Siberian cat?

There are no downsides to owning a Siberian, however, if you want a total independent cat than they are not the right breed.

Siberians are pretty fluffy! Does Valentino shed much and how do you deal with it?

At the moment he has his summer coat on so no much shedding. I still brush him every day to maintain his coat in good condition even though he doesn’t really need it.
Siberian cute kitten
Would you recommend other people to have a Siberian cat, why or why not?

I would recommend a Siberian to anyone who wants a cat to be part of their family like a dog. They are incredibly affectionate and they need attention. Leaving them alone for an extended time isn’t a good idea. I know of many Siberian owners who have other pets to keep them company.

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