Siberian cat size

Siberian cat size – how big are Siberian cats?

Siberian cats are a fairly large-sized cat that can reach around 13 inches in height and can weigh anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds once they reach adulthood. (It takes Siberian kittens about five years until they are considered adults). They are usually muscly and sturdy, with a low-set body and thick, massive paws. The muscle mass definitely adds to the Siberian cat size and weight. But their size is also impressive due to the amount and thickness of their fur. Siberians have a truly rich, dense coat. It is considered medium-length but there is so much of it that it adds significantly to how large the cat looks. (Until you wash them 😉 

As with any other cat, female Siberians are usually slightly smaller than male Siberians. Siberian cats are similar in size with Persian cats (which, according to some theories, are genetically related to Siberians).

Siberian cat size comparison with other breeds of cats

Here are some other cat breeds and their sizes, including Siberian cat, for comparison:

Bombay Cat – 7-9 inch high, 5-10 lb weight.

Tonkinese Cat – 8-10 inch high, 6-11 lb weight

Russian blue – 8.5-10.5 inch high, 8-15 lb weight

Occicat 9-11 inch high, 6.5-15 lb weight

Devon Rex 10-12 inch high, 8-10 lb weight

Persian 10-12 inch high, 7-12 lb

Siberian Cat – 11- 13 inch high, 10-20 lb weight